A Massive Undertaking: Planning Metrocon's Raves

February 19, 2016

There is a fine art to navigating chaos, and then making miracles and art appear from it. 

That's the best way I can describe the process of being a part of this amazing , humbling, at times terrifying yearly endevour.  

and as we drag our sore, dehydrated, slightly delerious, drunken-off-desbelief butts back to the hotel room saturday morning...we all look at each other, with that lovely teary gleam in our eyes, a part of the unspoken language only understood by con-goers which says ...."worth it". 




 I Love the convention scene, and the convention crowd. i love it because my younger fans can come see me, and be a part of the rave experience, be it even a PG glossy family friendy version. They get to see what we all fell in love with - the pure kandie rave essence; that Innocence that grabbed us all in our first rave days, and for many still hold onto and beleive.  To see that in front of me en mass and give that..i feel is a tremendous resonposibilty to uphold.  


For me personally, Metrocon means a lot to me. We worked for the convention a few years before i even graced that amazing stage. We worked our way up, and inherited this party. It was handed down to us, which...the reminder and memory of makes it even more intimidating to take on. the bar was already set high, we had to match it and exceed it.  

Its where i launched my first clothing company,  where i fell in love with my husband, where i built a following, where i learned alot of hard lessons. Its where i healed after loosing both mothers to devestating illnesses, Its my proving ground to a fraternity run industry, my hometown throwdown, my massive gift to my fans, its so far- the largest and most soul bearing concert i perform. Its the one time i can bring out my Glow and Podium teams,  surprise shenanigans and give back all i can as hard as i can. But even though i'm up there running around like a nut and singing my heart out - i'm just a small piece of the overall machine.  it takes, a team. a very large, very dedicated team behind me, and behind the scenes to pull off what is the craziest live stageshow we can dream up.  



Sound and Lighting


Concepts and Visuals


Lineup and Bookings


Photography and Video


Podium Teams


Booth and Glowbooth staff







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A Massive Undertaking: Planning Metrocon's Raves

February 19, 2016

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